Who we are

Vyxer Remit Kenya commonly known in this document as REMIT is a vibrant all-encompassed consultancy firm whose main focus is transforming lives by bringing technology, research   and top quality leadership to one circle. The company is divided into three arms, research management, Innovations and technology and leadership. The main focus of the company is transforming lives by providing organizations and institutions with universal top notch implementation and services delivery.

Innovations and technology has a dedicated software solutions specialist team ranging from web designers, software programmers and the rest are system analysts, documenters, support team and project managers whose talents and dynamism make the pillar of all our achievements. This arm provides more than just software development, it also provides insight, inspiration, imagination and creativity. Our company provides software solutions that can jump start the sales and push a company to greater profitability. Our products can drive a company to the next level

The research management arm has a team of experts whose dedication is founded on these philosophies:

  • Time is free, but it is invaluable, you cannot own it.
  • Always apply holistic approach, take time to learn the client’s need first.
  • Doing one thing really, really well regardless of the circumstances.
  • There are always great ideas out there, go for them.
  • Doing great is “just” NOT enough.

Our company believes that each organization is unique and requires exceptional thought-provoking atmosphere in which it can grow whilst meeting its intended goals. Our desire is to close the ever increasing gap that exists between what leaders know and what they do not about their organizations.

On Leadership and Training Some theorists argue that leaders are born while others emphasis that leaders are educated, Remit Kenya beliefs that leadership is an art whose success is measurable. Good leadership maximizes productivity, develops a positive culture and helps individuals to achieve strategic success. The mission of our trainings is to ensure that leaders realize that they do not have answers to all problems but their role is to inspire people around them to solve problems. We at Remit Kenya offer a broad range of programs ranging from executive professional development to community driven leadership trainings. In addition it uses really life and hypothetical case studies to draw the learners’ attention.

All the trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization

Our Guiding Principles.

As we embark on the road-map that we have set for ourselves, we seek to uphold the principles that define the nature of our relationships with each other and with our stakeholders. These include;

Integrity: We are fair, honest and transparent.

Respect: We treat all our clients, collaborators and employees with respect.

Professionalism: We seek to apply the best possible skills, technology, knowledge and further consultation.

Creativity: We encourage innovation, continuous improvement and learning.

Learning and knowledge: We are committed to developing skills and capabilities of our staff.

Communication: We ensure that our business practices and culture stimulate holistic exchange of information.

Teamwork: We strive to support each other succeed in every way through open and honest communication, challenge, sharing, commitment, and care.

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